Vikki is an artist and snowboarder based in Innsbruck, specialized in aquarelle, acrylic paintings and the use of precious metals. Vicky comes from a creative family where she encountered her passion for art very early (rumors say she started painting as soon as she was able to hold a pen). She decided to become a professional artist at age 15, while enrolling at one of Austria’s most renowned schools of arts, crafts, and design. She received a profound education in a broad variety of arts and craft techniques, with a special focus on gold, copper, and brass plating. Ever since graduating she has refined her skills; today, she is an outstanding artist both in terms of creative expression and technical expertise. Her creations are definitely inspired by the Mountains, where you’ll find her snowboarding basically every day in winter.

Custom Artwork: Yes
Price range:
€ 50 – € 400+
Delivery time: