our story - unique snowboards


Baking a snowboard shares many similarities with the handwork of baking bread, in the process itself and within the values carried along. Choosing the right ingredients, combining them according to a recipe elaborated with time, patience and perseverance. When put in the oven, the ingredients fuse to become one, giving that flat dough some flex and crispness. The involvment of the handmade guarantees that unique and incomparable taste, and contributes to preserve our local expertise and know-how. These are the values we strive to protect, and the background fuel for my personal motivation. I am Ben, head shaper at Baguette Boards and responsible for the quality of your ride.


Stance Goofy
Size 1,85 m
Weight 85 kg
Shoe size 46 EUR
Stance 56 cm


This one shape is my favourite pick at the moment. The sidecut line is actually a surprise found along the way of my research. It describes a particular curve, the quickest path for an immaginary particle sliding along the edge. It happens to lead to a particular distribution of the contact pressure all the way to the contact points, which turns out to be extremely pleasant to ride when set on the edge.

The Maple topsheet was deep dyed by Viktoria Ella Egg, and brings a very elegant, noble touch to the wood veneer. This texture gave name to the board, reminding the velvet fabrics of old cinema rooms.