Eymeric is an enthousiast, creative and sociable free spirit. He originated from the city of Lyon, France, and is snowboarding since the age of 12. Back in the days, in the early 90’s, he discovered snowboarding during the yearly ski holidays, where he would litterally escape the family to run on the same T-bar lift the whole day. The feeling of carving on snow, cutting turns to get your body closer to the snow every time got him hooked up right away. With a long professional experience in the snowboarding world, Eymeric is the master mind behind the market orientations of Baguette Boards, set to constantly improve your experience along the board designing journey.


Stance Goofy
Size 1,70 m
Weight 68 kg
Shoe size 41 EUR
Stance 54 cm


Originally shaped for the Montafon Banked Slalom 2016, this board happens to be my every day pick for going snowboarding. Asymmetric shaped, it is meant to improve the turning on the heel side, and has the soul of a real carver packed in a freestyle body. It quickly transitions from edge to edge and closes on sharp turns due to the shorter radius. It is not really thought for long turns at high speed: rather soft, it finds its limits in steeper terrain. The board feels lively, agile and responsive under feet. It is really an All-Mountain Freestyle shape, playful and with a real pop.

As for the graphics, the peace and love logo reflects my personality. The logo consists in the two letters “N&D” from the Semaphore alphabet, positioned on top of another. It originally stands for “Nuclear Disarmament”, and was first used in the U.K. by the hippie community to propagate a message of peace. Protesting and demonstrating for peace is the message this board carries along.