My personal philosophy regarding creating designs with an artistic approach is similar in its core to creating art itself. What counts is the process and the message within, literally the something between the lines. You’ll always find a story, an essence which reaches beyond aesthetics. In this way a pattern, an abstract picture, will be accomplished.
After studying diverse techniques of glass processing and treatment, I worked many years as a graphic designer until I finally followed my inner urge to study Contemporary Art. Now, I am in the lucky position to combine both professions. In general, I’d simply describe myself as a curious person who likes a challenge, a new project and a diverse process in order to create something meaningful.

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Hi Kathi! Thanks for sharing some words with us. Could you briefly introduce yourself?

Hey hey, sure: I’m Katharina, born and raised in Innsbruck, currently based in Bolzano and Innsbruck, living the creative life of an artist and graphic designer. If I am not in my studio, you’ll find me on a mountain top (camera in hand) or on a yoga mat somewhere … I am an interdisciplinary process artist, working with large scale drawing, language and written matter and performance. I don’t believe in the over explanation of artworks, but I do believe in the strength of layers, complexity and transformation, combined with a critical eye. The thing that matters most for me is the process and not just the outcome.

How would you describe yourself as a person?

I’d say I am an open-minded person who normally decides to laugh about things instead of being dragged down by negativity.

How did the connection between you and Art happen? When did you decide to follow your path as an artist?

Good question. It just did. I think it is not a decision you make, it’s something from within. It’s following the urge to express yourself, to create awareness, to think different, asking the uncomfortable questions and always scratching on the borders of your personal limits.

Where do these ideas come from?

I’d say mainly due to observation, a critical eye and way of thinking, and a general interest in things and playing with them.

How do you choose the material you work with?

It’s always a combination of many components. It’s an amalgamation between an intuitive process and the language of the material in dialogue with the space which frames the habitat of the artwork. We are always surrounded by spaces, abstract and actual ones, which influence every process happening in this very moment.

Could you explain to us what Art is all about?

Art is many things and comes in all shapes, therefore it could literally be about everything and nothing. Personally, art for me is all about process, processing, layers and depth.

What role does the Artist have in society?

The role of an artist in society is to create awareness, to deliver a message to push for things to change and to open up new ways of thinking, of finding solutions and seeing things in a different light. In my opinion, the free way of thinking and the creativity of an artist turns the art field into one of the few professions in which there are literally no boundaries.

How would you describe beauty in 20 words or less?

Beauty is an idea, a concept of society to create superficial values because real beauty lies within the grey areas, its imperfections. Beauty and aesthetics are not necessarily the same.

Is beauty the only essence of your Art?

Absolutely not. It is not as easy as that.

What do you dislike about the Art world?

What I dislike most is the hypocrisy and duplicity of it. The main point should always be the artwork and/or its message, and not the person who created it.

Have you ever questioned your career entirely?

Almost daily. But the answer is always the same one, so I keep on going. To question things, doesn’t imply insecurity, it’s the opposite, it’s a continuous process which only makes sure you are aware of what you do, why you do it and who you are. It’s a good thing.

Why do you love what you do?

I love the intensity of it, it’s nothing you can do superficially, the process is all consuming. What I value about it is the part of sharing thoughts, messages and ways of thinking. You create an untouchable space between artwork and spectator which opens up a complex way of abstract dialogue between message and meaning which is devoted to the person interacting with the artwork.

How do you share your Artworks, and where can we see them?

Through diverse artistic projects and exhibitions, mainly in Italy and Austria and virtually via Instagram, Facebook and my website: