Lukas has been on the forefront of the snowboarding scene for about 25 years, no need to introduce him anymore. Many know him for his golden years spent traveling and filming for the Pirates Movie Production, fewer know about his current artistic retraining. Lukas is a true relic of the original skateboarding spirit, a mark of the passing time. He challenges the boundaries of rules, society and imagination. He adresses the big questions in life, and truly contributes to opening cultural horizons.

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Hi Lukas, thanks for sharing some words with us. How did your artistic connection started?

I drew in kindergarden, did an archtitecture study, and then decided that i would like to persue something that gives my brief existance some meaning.

What is Art all about?

The interaction with the viewer defines what is art. No viewer, no art.

What is the role of Artists in society?

Artists expand the perspective of the viewer. They make unseen matters perceptable.

What does the essence of beauty mean to you?

Beauty and joy are side products of meaning. No meaning, no beauty.

Have you ever questioned your career entirely?

Everyday, every second.

Which techniques are you mostly using at work?

Mostly ink and acrylics, and some silkscreen printing.

Where can we see your Artworks?