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According to an old saying, there exists as many shape variations as stars in the sky… From design to production, the recipe consists of hundreds of parameters, and the possible combinations are literally infinite. Understanding the mechanics of the ride helps us tune each parameter according to your riding profile, so that your shape becomes unique in all ways.

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Unique Shape

Length, width, sidecut line or camber profile define the outline of your board. Each shape features a unique combination of these geometrical parameters.

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Unique Stucture

The materials and the thickness profile of your board define its stiffness assets, and are adjusted specifically for your riding profile.

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Unique Graphics

Wood veneers, color pigments, artworks, inlays or paintings… The possibilities are endless!


No compromise. Only love at first sight! The color of your eyes, your weight, shoe size, your character or your snowboarding skills make you a unique person. No rider profiles share more than three identical assets! Regarding our boards, it is exactly the same. Each Baguette has its own skin color and personality, its own aim and purpose in life. Each new member of the family is given a unique name, and have a unique story to tell. Meet your Baguette alter-ego!


We believe in true colors, in the powers of diversity. We believe in social responsibility, in local networks. We believe in trust, partnerships and stories. We foster a space for an artistic community, to promote creativity, new ideas and experiences.

No TWO boardS ARE builT alike

No need for standardization. By getting rid of all production constraints, we are able to build every shape differently, according to a specific purpose. For us, it is a source of motivation, a way to unleash our creativity for every board. For you, it means a wider choice, a better fit and a way to stand out from the crowd. But how is this really possible? Here are the key features which define our approach to board building:

The Art of Shaping

Understanding the influence of each shaping parameter allows us to establish a unique recipe for your board, matching your skills and profile with no compromise.

Local Production

Manufacturing our boards locally in the Alps allows us to produce on demand. Consumer proximity is the new norm.

Flexible Manufacturing

Our production process was designed to press every day a different shape, without increasing our lead time. Pretty much anything is possible!

unique boards
unique boards


Let’s shape a unique board together, adjusted to your feet and profile! Fill-up our interactive custom form and let us set your riding diagnostic. We can draw you a sketch of what we believe could be the perfect fit for you and your snowboarding. It’s free!