Snowboards sur-mesure handmade in Austria from a french recipe since 2011

Arousal 162

Freeride Snowboard

Length 162 cm
Waist width 26.4 cm

Artwork "A Perfect Circle"

This board is currently owned and riding somewhere in the Alps

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Symbiosis with the Elements

Arousal: the feeling you have when standing on this board, hoovering down on a wide open field of fresh powder snow spreading through your face.

Purpose Shape Construction Artwork Rider Terrain

This shape is a full directional freeride gun, made for fast rides and long curves in wide open areas. The consequent setback associated with the taper (wider nose than tail) makes the board sit naturally on its tail in deeper snow, ensuring for a natural nose float so that you don’t need to pull that much on your rear leg. The flex is rather stiff, to provide stability and control at high speeds.

Length 162 cm
Waist Width 26.4 cm
Setback 40 mm
Taper 18 mm
Average Radius 8.2 m
Camber positive camber, slightly setback towards the tail
Rocker long Nose rocker
Centered Stance 56 cm
Mensurations 31.6/26.4/29.8 cm
Effective Edge Length 1080.0000
Surface Area 43.2

Wood core Poplar / Beech
Reinforcement Glass & Epoxy
Base Sintered HDPE
Topsheet Walnut
Sidewalls Bamboo
Tip spacers Cork

Name “A Perfect Circle”
Category Marquetry, Unique, Hand-painted

Name Florian
Gender Male
Shoe Size 43 EUR
Body Height 180 cm
Body Weight 78 kg
Stance 55 cm
Riding Speed Super Fast

Freeride deep powder, wide open faces, tree lines, cliffs and pillows, steeper terrains and couloirs
Slopes carving on fresh groomers

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