Snowboards sur-mesure handmade in Austria from a french recipe since 2011

Julia Splitboard


Hello Julia!

This is a shape preview for your custom board request:

Freeride Splitboard

Length 158 cm
Waist width 25.0 cm

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Words of the Shaper

Here are the details of your shape proposal

ShapeTerrainRider Profile

Length 158 cm
Waist width 25.0 cm
Setback 20 mm
Taper 6 mm
Average Radius 8.0 m
Camber light positive camber
Rocker nose rocker
Mensurations 29.4/25.0/28.8 cm



Name Julia
Gender Female
Shoe Size 41 EUR
Body Height 178 cm
Body Weight 65 kg
Stance 52 cm
Riding Speed Normal