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Personalized Shape


A board shaped for your needs, according to your riding profile and made for the terrain your ride, without compromise. At Baguette Boards, building custom shapes is our core competence. You have a dream shape in mind? Let’s talk about it! You don’t know much about technical board specs and need some advice? It’s okay, we are here for that! Trust our expertise and start the journey with us towards your ultimate dream ride.

Tell us about your dream board

Fill in our interactive form to tell us about you and the way you ride.

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We’ll come back to you with a shape proposal

Our team of experts will establish a diagnostic and sketch a shape proposal for you within a few days.

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Adjust the shape and validate your order

Review the shape and adjust the details if needed. Secure your order with a deposit for us to start production.

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Choose your graphics or get in touch with an artist

Get inspired in our art gallery or share a concept with an artist. Time to unleash your creativity!

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Follow the manufacturing process until the delivery

Follow each step of the process as your board comes to life. Pick it up at the workshop or get it delivered within a few weeks.

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Taste the difference

Time to take your new riding buddy for a ride! Get to know each other and become part of the Baguette family.


It’s your first time ordering a custom board? This can look intimidating at first. Because so many options are possible, we are here to provide advices and technical support, to guide you through each step of the process. The act of creation is an exciting journey, so take a seat and lay back! We look forward to meeting you. The main facts are listed here, but if you still have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch via our Contact Form.

Production Delay

The production process usually takes about 3 to 6 weeks, depending on your request and the time of the year. You’re in a hurry? Speed it up with our priority lane option! For artistic collaborations and custom artworks, additional delays are to be arranged together with the artists.


We will be in touch with you along the entire design process. Whether you prefer email exchanges, phone calls or instant messaging, our engagement is to remain available to answer your questions and concerns at any time.

Design Guide

Browse through our design guidelines to help you find your ideal graphics option.

890 ,00


  • Custom shape and stiffness
  • Blank wood veneer topsheet
  • Service and delivery
1.190 ,00


  • Custom shape and stiffness
  • Blank wood veneer topsheet
  • Clips & Hooks hardware
  • Service and delivery