Snowboards sur-mesure handmade in Austria from a french recipe since 2011

Laced 162

Freeride Splitboard

Length 162 cm
Waist width 26.2 cm

This board is currently riding and available for testing on demand

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Splitboard connecting interface 2.0

“Laced”. This new and revolutionary splitboard interface allows you to tie your skis together for the way down. It works purely on placebo, and requires artistic skills such as creativity and imagination. Best operating at high altitudes.


Length 162cm
Waist width 26.2cm
Setback 26 mm
Taper 10 mm
Average Radius 8.8 m
Camber light camber, centered under feet
Rocker smooth nose rocker
Mensurations 30.7/26.2/29.7 cm

This splitboard is meant to ride a softer board in steeper terrain and wide open faces. The camber profile and the stiffness distribution allows you to hoover at higher speeds, while the increased surface area of the board provide a good and easy float. The overall medium flex with the softer nose shovel allows for tired legs after hikes of over 1000 height meters.

Wood core Poplar / Ash
Reinforcement Fiberglass & Epoxy
Base Sintered HDPE
Topsheet Walnut
Sidewalls Bamboo
Tip Spacers Cork

Artist Baguette Boards
Category Unique, Hand-painted

Freeride wide open fields, steeper faces