Local Core 151

All-Mountain Snowboard

Length 151 cm
Waist width 24.2 cm

ArtworkLocal Core
Artist Merry Haberl and Viktoria Ella Egg

This board is currently owned and riding somewhere in the Alps

Tirolean connection

Passion, lifeblood, and local craftsmanship serve as keywords for this design. It reflects our love for the mountains, sport, and sustainability. The Golden Ratio is a mathematical division ratio that represents the universal laws of harmonious design, often found in the size of things in nature as well as in art and architecture. This design illustrates the Simple Golden Ratio grid, that represents the simplicity of the human being. It is symbolic of the creation and development of a snowboard. The swirl symbolizes the moral force behind all the process of creation, which is ultimately transferred to the beauty of our homeland. The mountains stand for our attachment to local values.
– Merry Haberl


Length 151 cm
Waist width 24.2 cm
Setback 20 mm
Taper 6 mm
Average Radius 8.0 m
Camber positive, centered under feet
Rocker light nose and tail rockers
Mensurations 28.2/24.2/27.6 cm

This shape is an attempt for the perfect all-arounder, the one board to do it all. The narrower waist increases the responsiveness in edge to edge transitions. Light nose and tail rockers allow you to swim over the surface on fresh dumps, while the setback and light taper will keep you balanced in tracked powder conditions. The light camber enhances the pop and response of the deck, and provides a good edge grip while carving on the slopes.The medium flex provides playfulness in the park and on side-hits.

Wood core Poplar / Ash
Reinforcement Fiberglass & Epoxy
Base Sintered HDPE
Topsheet Maple
Sidewalls Bamboo
Tip Spacers Cork

NameLocal Core
Artist Merry Haberl and Viktoria Ella Egg
Category Unique, Hand-painted

Slopes carving at low and higher speeds
Freeride tree lines, deep powder, steeper terrains
Freestyle park, side hits, backcountry