Snowboards sur-mesure handmade in Austria from a french recipe since 2011

Ýsa 158

Freeride Snowboard

Length 158 cm
Waist width 26.0 cm

Artist Kristinn Gunnar Atlason

This board is currently owned and riding somewhere in Iceland

Cold weather fish

Swallow tail haddock fish by Kristinn Gunnar Atlason


Length 158 cm
Waist width 26.0 cm
Setback 40 mm
Taper 20 mm
Average Radius 8.2 m
Camber positive, setback towards the tail
Rocker progressive nose rocker
Mensurations 31/26/29 cm

This directional shape is a freeride powder gun, made to spray your turns like a cloud machine. Due to the swallow tail shape, the tail naturally sinks deeper in powder, increasing your nose float and enabling to ride the board equally on both legs. The agressive sidecut makes it a strong carver on slick slopes.

Wood core Poplar / Ash
Reinforcement Fiberglass & Epoxy
Base Sintered HDPE
Topsheet Maple
Sidewalls Bamboo
Tip Spacers Cork

Artist Kristinn Gunnar Atlason
Category Unique, Hand-painted

Slopes carving at high speeds
Freeride deep powder, steeper terrains