Snowboards sur-mesure handmade in Austria from a french recipe since 2011

Persia 157


All-Mountain Freestyle Snowboard

Length 157 cm
Waist width 25.2 cm

Artwork “Mountains see eachother
Artist Klara Hanakova

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Persian connection

Mountains see eachother“. A persian connection to the austrian mountains gave birth to the shape and graphics of this unique piece, representing the ski resort of Dizin, the Damavand and other symbols of the persian culture. Despite all the fuss and fights of our human world, the mountains remind us that the roots underlying our cultures will always remain connected. From their perspective, borders don’t exist and we all belong to the same family. “Mountains see eachother” is litterally the translation of the Farsi writings on the topsheet.


Length 157 cm
Waist width 25.2 cm
Setback 20 mm
Average Radius 7.0 m
Camber positive, centered under feet
Rocker smooth nose rocker
Mensurations 29.5/25.2/29.5 cm

This shape is a directional twin profile, so that you can ride it both normal and switch. The shorter overall sidecut radius brings you on tighter curves, and increases the responsiveness in edge to edge transitions. A slight nose rocker allows you to take it on the side of the slopes on fresh dumps, while the setback will keep you balanced in tracked powder conditions. The light camber enhances the pop and response of the deck, and provides a good edge grip while carving on the slopes. It will find its limits in steeper terrain and at higher speeds. The medium flex provides playfulness in the park and on side-hits, while a softer torsional stiffness allows you to twist it as needed for your frontside boardslides.

Wood core Poplar / Ash
Reinforcement Fiberglass & Epoxy
Base Sintered HDPE
Topsheet Maple
Sidewalls Bamboo
Tip Spacers Cork

NameMountains see eachother
Artist Klara Hanakova
Category Unique, Hand-painted

Slopes such as in the ski resort Dizin
Freestyle side hits, jib, park