Snowboards sur-mesure handmade in Austria from a french recipe since 2011

Split Ben

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Hey Benoit !

This is a shape preview for your custom board request:

All-Mountain Freeride Splitboard

Length 160 cm
Waist width 27.0 cm

Karakoram hardware (clips and hooks) included, bindings and skins are extra

Review the options available and validate your order at check-out. Reserve the next production slot for your board by securing a deposit, meanwhile we finalize the details of your shape together
Graphics and Artwork can be ordered separately

See below the words of the shaper about your shape proposal

Free delivery in the european Alps

Reserve the next production slot for your board with a deposit of  400,00
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Words of your Shaper Ben


Purpose Shape Terrain


Length 160 cm
Waist Width 27.0 cm
Setback 30 mm
Taper 8 mm
Average Radius 11.0 m
Camber positive camber, centered under feet
Rocker smooth Nose rocker
Centered Stance 54 cm
Mensurations 30.6/27.0/29.8 cm
Effective Edge Length 1150 mm
Surface Area 42.2 dm²

Slopes carving at higher speeds
Freeride tree lines, wide open fields, backcountry side hits

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