Taka is a japanese artist and illustrator currently based in Hong Kong. Deeply impregnated by street art culture, skateboarding and tatoo, the way he blends japanese traditional and contemporary art within his graffiti murals is unique in all ways.

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Hi Taka! Thanks for sharing some words with us. Could you introduce yourself?

I am a japanese artist and illustrator currently based in Hong Kong.

How did your connection to Art all started?

I was born and raised in Japan where I established a love of Japanese traditional and contemporary art. I later went on to explore the world and have lived in Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and Hong Kong, these experiences and cultural differences have inspired my art and lifestyle.

What are your biggest achievements as an artist?

I am one of the finalists of Secret Walls x Hong Kong series 4, and I am the Hong Kong winner of the Vans Asia Custom Culture competition 2017 and one of the finalists in Asia.

So you are taking part in graffiti festivals?

Yes, I also participated in Hong Kong’s annual street art festival called HKWalls, a world wide graffiti festival Meeting of Styles in Manila, Philippines and europe’s biggest street art festival called Upfest in Bristol, UK. I have also exhibited in Paris, France with Galerie Sakura.

How do you share your Artworks, and where can we see them?