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Joni’s Kitesnow

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Hey Joni !

This is a shape preview for your custom board request:

All-Mountain Snowboard

Length 158 cm
Waist width 26.0 cm

Review the options available and validate your order at check-out. Reserve the next production slot for your board by securing a deposit, meanwhile we finalize the details of your shape together
Graphics and Artwork can be ordered separately

See below the words of the shaper about your shape proposal

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Words of your Shaper Ben

Hey Joni, here is a sketch for your kiteboard, as a starting point for your custom board. I went for an asymmetric Goofy shape, with the heel sidecut I was talking about. This should work really fine for kiting, it distributes the pressure also between the feet and provides a substantial grip. The toe side edge is longer and smoother, with 9m average radius. I would add a little camber beteen the feet, for good pop and control, and a flex of 7.5/8 as discussed. I was also thinking if the shape should be 100% twin tip, or if we could add some taper (on the heel edge only for instance). How are the heel side turns when the kite pulls you, it is more of a drifting/opposition situation or do you get smooth carve turns? Would a taper be usefull there? Let me know what you think about all that 🙂

Purpose Shape Rider Terrain

Crossover board between snowkiting & riding in park (cruising with kids & doing just basic jumps with 360 rotations etc). Preferably sidecut something like 9-9.5. Definetly 100% twintip, flex 7-7.5, camber profile I am attending to snowkiting world champions and since my budget is low, i cant afford 2 boards so something between best of the both worlds.. At snowkiting we ride mostly with heelside edge and too curved sidecut will force board toomuch upwind when going at speed and it starts skipping. If sidecut goes 13-20 area, board is good for riding thoose 100km/h+ but is very bad for jumping & carving what i do 90% of the time.

Asymmetric Goofy
Length 158 cm
Waist Width 26.0 cm
Setback centered stance
Average Radius 9.0 m
Camber positive camber, centered under feet
Centered Stance 52 cm
Mensurations 29.0/26.0/29.0 cm
Effective Edge Length 1160 mm
Surface Area 40.7 dm²

Name Joni
Gender Male
Shoe Size 42 EUR
Body Height 164 cm
Body Weight 68 kg
Stance 54 cm
Riding Speed Fast

Slopes cruising on fresh groomers, carving at higher speeds

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